Best Odds Boost Offers at Michigan Sportsbooks

When you tally up the results at the end of the day, a winning sports betting ticket can certainly put some pep in your step. However, the enthusiasm can be tempered when the overall returns are less than exceptional.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a way to juice the returns on winning sports bets legally and safely? Thankfully, there is, and we’re going to cover everything you need to know about it right here.

Known as an odds boost, this is a promotional offering from a sportsbook. In a nutshell, the odds for a contest, a range of games, or even a prop bet are made more favorable for winning bettors.

The potential return is much greater than what you would see for a normal winning bet on the same event, and there are times when it can be downright eye-popping.

We’ll explore the concept in full detail and take a look at where you can find the best ones, among other things. Read on as we take a closer look at these fantastic promotional offerings, including how to calculate odds boosts.

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What’s a sports betting odds boost?

An odds boost provides an opportunity for enhanced returns on sports bets. The actual amount of the boost is set by the sportsbook and used as a promotional offering for both new and existing customers.

Boosts can be offered on single contests or for a series of games, as well as on prop bets. Either way, the goal is to make the bet more enticing for users, as they have a chance at even greater returns than they would receive for winning bets on the listed odds.

For users, it’s a win-win situation. As an example, there might be an odds boost available for a big MLB favorite who has listed odds of -160. For boost purposes, the sportsbook may offer bets on that side at odds of +120.

If you were going to bet on the game anyway, it’s a no brainer as a winning bet at odds of +120 is going to provide a much more handsome return than one at odds of -160. The sportsbook benefits by taking in increased action on the contest and by enhancing the experience for users and thereby building loyalty.

Odds boosts are often listed in the promotional offerings when you log into your MI sports betting app, as well as in the main betting lobby. Let’s take a look at the top spots for you to find these intriguing promos.

Best sports betting sites with odds boosts

The legal and regulated online sports betting marketplace is a competitive one. You’ll see plenty of promotional offerings as a result, but some operators just offer more bang for the buck with odds boosts. Here’s a look at our three favorite places to find these promos.

1. DraftKings Sportsbook

Daily fantasy sports titan DraftKings has become a sports betting giant as well. A slick offering with lots of great promos has certainly helped in that regard. At this time, no DraftKings sportsbook promo code is available in Michigan.

  • Odds boosts for Michigan teams
  • Lines and bets for all sports
  • Great interface that’s filled with innovative features

DraftKings has risen to the top of the charts in every market entered to date, and is one of the top three sites in Michigan.

2. FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel Sports Betting also made its bones in DFS, and the company has been crushing it on the sports betting front. The sportsbook is user-friendly and offers great incentives.

  • Regular odds boosts posted in main lobby
  • Legal and safe betting on all Michigan teams
  • Awesome customer service and numerous funding options

In the early days of retail sportsbook betting in Michigan, the FanDuel Sportsbook at MotorCity Casino has been a leader in odds boost offers. The first four weeks of Thursday Night Football odds boosts provided winners before Week 5 was finally a loser.

3. BetMGM Sportsbook

As a gaming leader, a lot is expected from a sportsbook bearing the MGM name. BetMGM Sports has managed to live up to those expectations without issue.

  • Ongoing promotions, including odds boosts
  • Competitive odds and lines for all Michigan teams
  • Smooth platform lets you get down to business quickly

BetMGM is aiming to be a market leader in sports betting. So far, so good on that front, so folks in Michigan can expect regular promotions.

Each of these operators offers odds boosts on the regular for users to take advantage of. For example, you might find boosted odds for an MLB moneyline or an offer revolving around enhanced odds for a four-team NFL point spread parlay.

Odds boosts are often offered for prop wagers as well, usually revolving around a specific player or team accomplishment. A quick example would be boosted odds on whether a player will hit a home run in an MLB game.

You’ll typically find odds boosts in the main lobby or promotional sections at online sites and sportsbook apps. Many will also email offers to users, as well as post the latest incentives that are there for the taking on social media.

How does a sports betting odds boost work?

A sports betting odds boost provides users with the opportunity to get even more value. Sportsbooks offer these promotions on certain wagers, and bettors can take advantage of them whenever they see them listed.

Please note that there may be minimum requirements to meet before placing the bet. For example, an odds boost may only be offered to users who place bets in the amount of $25 or more. Others may not have specific wagering requirements in place.

The best course of action is to read through the promo for the complete terms and conditions of the odds boost. Let’s run through some of the more frequently asked questions about odds boost offers.

Where can I find an odds boost?

An odds boost offer will generally be listed in the banner section of a sportsbook lobby or under the promos tab, and sometimes it’ll appear in both spots. Many operators also email offerings to registered users, and you’ll also find information on social media accounts for the sportsbooks.

How do you get an odds boost?

In general, it’s just a matter of logging into the sportsbook and clicking on the promo offer to take advantage of the odds boost. Certain odds boosts may only be emailed to a select few users, in which case you’ll likely have to click through to take advantage. The same may apply when you come across a boost on social media.

Which types of bets are eligible for odds boosts?

Odds boosts can apply to a variety of bet types, including single-game wagers, parlays, and props. There could be just one offering to consider at a time, but multiple odds boosts are common. Additionally, some books will actually allow you to pick your boost on select contests and wagers.

Can you boost your own odds at sportsbooks?

The concept of an odds boost has been around for a while, but a newer development places even more of the control in the hands of players. Certain books will actually allow you to pick the wager that you want to boost.

They’ll offer enhanced odds for the bet you want to place, but please note that there is typically a range of contests that the offer is applicable to. The good news is that it will usually be a decent amount of selections.

For a quick example, let’s say that an odds boost is offered on the Lions -3 over the Bears. One book may be willing to offer even more of a boost if you’re willing to stretch the spread to Lions -4 or -5, and so on.

This is a big plus for bettors, as it affords you with even more flexibility and control over the prices. When you can get an even greater potential return on a bet you planned to place anyway, that’s a situation that’s really tough to beat.

NFL odds boosts 

NFL betting is the biggest game in town for sportsbooks, but operators still love to attract as much additional action as possible. Odds boosts are one way they make that happen, and you’ll find them in several different incarnations.

First, let’s say it’s a single-game wager in which the Detroit Lions are a decent-sized home moneyline favorite of -145 over the Cincinnati Bengals. To make the Lions’ side of the equation more attractive, and to take in more bets, the odds could be boosted.

  • Lions over Bengals +105

Just like that, bettors are in line to more than double their money on winning bets on Detroit as opposed to much less of a return on the standard moneyline.

Sportsbooks can also offer odds boosts on special parlay wagers that they’ve put together. For example, the Ravens, Chiefs, and Cowboys are all favored during a week, and a three-team parlay for those squads would pay out at +317 if all of them went on to win.

While that’s a great return as it is, an odds boost promotion could kick things up several notches.

  • Ravens, Chiefs and Cowboys to win +450

Regardless of how big the favorites may be, a three-team parlay can be tough to hit. When the potential return is boosted to this extent, it certainly provides food for thought on the personal risk-to-reward ratio.

Prop bets are very popular for the NFL, and you’ll see plenty of odds boosts attached to them as well. If the standard odds on Matthew Stafford throwing three touchdowns in the game were at +150, the sportsbook could make it even more enticing.

  • Matthew Stafford to throw three or more TDs +200

Let’s say your typical unit size is $100. At odds of +150, you’re looking at a return of $150 if Stafford pulls it off, while odds of +200 mean you can add another $50 onto that.

Just like with the games, sportsbooks can also tie together multiple props on a single odds boost, such as Stafford to throw three TDs or more and Kenny Golladay to have 100 or more receiving yards.

Many odds boosts will be front and center in the sportsbook lobby, while some operators have a dedicated tab for these offerings. Also, be sure to keep an eye on your email and social media for other special opportunities.

NBA odds boosts

Betting on the NBA attracts a lot of action as well, and there are also plenty of potential odds boosts to look at. You’ll find these in the three major categories as well: game, prop, or multi. Let’s run through examples for each.

On the single-game side, the boost could be applied to any of the big three bet types: moneyline, point spread, or totals. For a game in which the Detroit Pistons are 2.5-point home favorites over the Indiana Pacers at standard odds of -110, a boost could be offered that flips the script.

  • Pistons -2.5 over Pacers +110

Pistons bettors can get a little more bang for their buck thanks to the boost. Also, keep in mind that there will be times that you can choose your boost. In a case like this, taking Detroit -3.5 points could lead to a bigger boost, and so on.

On the parlay side, total bets are quite common in the NBA. Books could tie together two popular games on a single offering. At standard odds of -110, it’s a parlay priced at +264, but the operator could sweeten the offer a bit.

  • Lakers/Clippers and Celtics/76ers both over +300

For props, there is always plenty to consider for the NBA. Sportsbooks can zero in on enticing offerings for marquee matchups to attract even more interest, such as something like this:

  • James Harden and Giannis Antetokounmpo both score 30 or more points +350

Just like that, there’s another option to consider for what should be a solid game between the Houston Rockets and Milwaukee Bucks, and it’s one that would pay a stellar return if all goes well to boot.

You can sometimes find odds boosts mixed in with the other offerings on the NBA tab at sportsbooks, but keep your eyes on the lobby and promos section, as well. Also, be sure that you’re getting emails from your operators. Take the time to follow them on social media too.

MLB odds boosts 

During the dog days of summer, MLB can turn into the same old, same old until the pennant races heat up. Enter odds boosts, which can help to increase the interest level.

The moneyline attracts lots of action for MLB, and there are often some really big favorites that don’t pay out all that much. Odds boosts can flip things up, such as when the New York Yankees are favored at odds of -190 over the Detroit Tigers.

  • Yankees over Tigers +110

While betting against the home team may not be your thing, a payout like that on a big favorite certainly gives you something to think about. The runline is another typical MLB wager, and it’s typically set at 1.5 runs.

An odds boost would work fine for this as well. Let’s say it’s four underdogs on one slip that would pay out at odds of +1228 when all are listed at -110. That’s an outstanding potential profit, but an operator could make it that much better.

  • Tigers, Marlins, Mariners, and Pirates all +1.5 runs +1500

While the chances of things breaking just right for all four underdogs has to be factored into the equation, the potential return can certainly justify the risk at reasonable wagering amounts.

Props are also big for MLB betting and a great way to stay engaged with the game. You’ll see plenty offered for both hitters and pitchers, and the returns can be good in most cases. An odds boost can put the return from good to great in a hurry.

  • Miguel Cabrera to hit a HR +250 (boosted from +200)

As you get set to watch the Tigers, you’ll also have the additional rooting interest offered by betting on a Cabrera homer. A return at odds of +200 would be great, but getting a price of +250 is even better.

Odds boosts for MLB can be found in the usual spots: on the MLB or baseball tab, in the main betting lobby, or on the promo page online or on an app. The offerings will also come up via email and on social media, so be alert.

College football odds boosts 

Betting on NCAA football is a very popular attraction at sportsbooks, especially in markets with big rooting interests. That’s certainly the case in these parts with both Michigan Wolverine and Michigan State games.

Odds boosts will be offered here as well and will hit on the same notes. On the single-game front, the standard odds for a point spread bet at most books are -110. The boost could make that more attractive, and there are even cases in which you can choose your incentive.

For example, let’s say that a book is offering a boost on Michigan -7 over Indiana to odds of +110. If you’re willing to raise the points up a bit, the operator could respond accordingly with boosted odds that look something like this.

  • Michigan -9 over Indiana +150

The Wolverines will have their work cut out to cover a two-score spread, but this bet can make lots of sense if you’re expecting a big win for Michigan.

The typically packed Saturday slates during college football season align well with parlays. Sportsbooks recognize this, and it’s not uncommon for them to offer boosts on a series of the marquee matchups of the day.

  • Alabama, Michigan State, and Notre Dame all to win +750

The actual amount of the boost will vary, and it’ll naturally depend on what the standard odds would be for the same three-team parlay. Regardless, the boost will provide bettors with enhanced returns as opposed to the straight parlay bet.

On the prop side, game-specific offerings are quite common in NCAAF. Examples include rushing yardage benchmarks for individual teams and exact ranges for a margin of victory. An odds boost could tie both of them together for an intriguing wagering opportunity.

  • Ohio State to rush for 200 or more yards and win by 7-13 points +600

If these are two outcomes that you’re confident in to begin with, then the boost could help make your mind up. Keep your eyes on the betting lobby as well as the college football and promos tabs for offerings. Also, check your email and social media for other special deals.

College basketball odds boosts 

From the beginning of the regular season right through to March Madness, NCAA basketball offers up tons of betting opportunities. This is a big area of focus for many seasoned handicappers, and even those new to the game will quickly see why that is.

Just like the other major team sports, the main bet types for college basketball are moneyline, spread and totals. For spread and totals bets, most operators list odds at -110 on both sides upon release, while the moneyline will vary based on the strength of the two teams involved.

You’ll see odds boosts for some of the big matchups that receive national attention. Here in Michigan, there’s a good chance you’ll see some when the Spartans or Wolverines hit the floor. Even better, you might get one when these two rivals square off.

Let’s say it’s the Wolverines at home as a slight 1.5-point favorite over the Spartans. The odds are set at -110 on both sides, but the sportsbook decides to kick it up a notch for a game that will attract lots of interest.

  • Michigan -1.5 or Michigan State +1.5 at +125

If you were betting on the game anyway, then taking advantage of the odds boost goes without saying. When you’re on the fence, the boost can certainly sway your opinion.

A four-team parlay of several favorites may check in somewhere around +1,300, but the book could juice the potential return in your favor.

  • Villanova, Kansas, Kentucky, and Louisville to win +1,700 

They might do the same on prop bets, as well, so be sure to keep your eyes on the usual spots: NCAAB tab, promos page and banner ads in the main lobby. Also, if you’re not checking your email for promo offerings or following your sportsbooks on social media, then it’s time to start.

Are odds boosts better than parlays or teasers?

The answer to this question will vary on a case-by-case basis, but there’s a simple rule of thumb to follow. An odds boost is aimed at enticing users, so the payouts will almost always be better than what you would find for a wager on the same contests via parlay or teaser.

We say “almost always” because the possibility of operator error is there, but you get the drift. Also, there can be some astronomical potential returns on teasers and parlays with lots of teams involved, so keep that in mind.

For the most part, books will cap the number of selections in an odds boost to make it a reasonable bet, such as two to four teams. To keep it simple, we’ll stick to two teams for example purposes and run through the situation with all three bet types.

The potential return for a two-team parlay bet will vary based on the odds of the individual games. For simplicity, let’s say you have two teams you’re confident about, both of which check in as six-point favorites at standard odds.

  • Michigan -6 over Illinois -110
  • Michigan State -6 over Purdue -110
  • Total parlay odds of +264

A teaser bet affords users the flexibility of moving the line. For NFL and NCAA football, the standard amount for the tease is 6, 6.5 or 7 points, but you may find different offerings as well. Let’s say you use seven points on the above games to make Michigan and Michigan State the underdogs.

  • Michigan +1 over Illinois
  • Michigan State +1 over Purdue

Since the Wolverines and Spartans were pretty big favorites, that means there’s a real good shot they can both cover when getting an extra point as opposed to surrendering six. Naturally, the sportsbooks recognize this, so don’t expect a premium return.

  • Average odds for a two-team seven-point football teaser: from -130 to -140.

While that’s far from an awful potential return, a parlay at the listed spread of -6 for both teams is paying out at +264. As such, you have a choice to make. Do you want the better potential return while hoping the two teams cover a decent spread? Or do you prefer the safety of making them underdogs and seeing less of a return as a result?

Assuming a sportsbook was going to boost the odds for these two games tied together with the spread attached, you can expect the odds to be better than +264. If that didn’t happen, it wouldn’t be a boost at all.

For our quick run-through, the boost is the better choice in terms of a return over a parlay or teaser. However, just like any other bet you place, the potential return shouldn’t be the sole determining factor that you consider.

How to get the most out of odds boosts 

Odds boosts can work wonders for your bankroll when you make the right call, so it’s absolutely worth your time to stay on top of these intriguing offerings. Here are some tips to keep in mind in your quest to get even more value.

  • Play on several sportsbooks: It’s a competitive world out there, and leading sportsbook operators are going toe-to-toe to attract the most users. You don’t have to pick sides. To take advantage of as many odds boosts as possible, play on multiple operators, which can also help to make line shopping a breeze.
  • Watch email and social media: When setting up your accounts, be sure to opt-in for promotional emails. You’ll often receive a summary of current promotions, and even get special or targeted offers from time to time. Also, follow your operators on social media to see the latest deals.
  • Take advantage of boosting your own odds: This is one of those cases where you have to carefully pick your spots, but it can pay off nicely. When you have a game that you’re confident about and see the potential for a big win, be sure to see if there’s an option to boost the odds in your favor by taking on more risk.
  • Spread out your bets: If you play at multiple books, then be sure to check the promos for each. This is especially true for marquee games in any sport, which are often the targets for odds boosts. If you find a great deal in multiple spots on a game you were betting on anyway, take advantage of it.
  • Time your wagers: As you begin to get a handle on the books you play on, you’ll start to notice patterns, such as when promotional emails come out and when odds boosts are typically released. Before placing all of your bets for the day, take a breath and pace yourself to see what the current offerings are.

If you think about it, scanning for odds boosts, and staying on top of the market can just be another simple step to add to your overall handicapping process. Even better, the lucrative potential returns make the time investment well worth it.