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There is no denying that FanDuel is a top sportsbook operator. It’s an industry leader wherever online sportsbooks are regulated in the U.S., and Michigan is no exception. Join FanDuel now to get a no sweat first bet up to $1,000. No FanDuel Michigan promo code required! 

FanDuel has been powering the retail sportsbook at MotorCity Casino in Detroit since March 2020, and providing an online option since January 2021. As long as you are within Michigan state lines, you can bet on the FanDuel app from wherever you are.

If you are interested in giving FanDuel a try in Michigan, you’ve come to the right place. The page below has everything about FanDuel, including how the app works, what you need to do to get started, and, best of all, the finest bonuses that FanDuel has to offer. Read on for all the latest about one of the best sportsbooks in America.

Why Choose FanDuel Sportsbook
  • Up to $1,000 No Sweat First Bet
  • Quality selection of promotions and offers
  • Top sportsbook mobile app for iOS & Android
  • All major sports leagues and more available to bet on
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FanDuel Sportsbook Michigan bonus


Some of the biggest offers you will see from sportsbooks in Michigan are their sign-up and deposit promotions for new customers. FanDuel Sportsbook does not disappoint with its offer of a no sweat first bet up to $1,000 when you make your first deposit.

The way it works is pretty simple. Sign up for your account, make a deposit, and decide on your first bet. If that bet wins, you collect your winnings exactly how you would if you won any other bet.

But if your first bet fails, this is where the offer kicks in. FanDuel will refund your losses, up to $1,000, in the form of bonus bets. It is worth noting that you don’t just receive cash. The refund comes in the form of bonus bets. You can then use bonus bets to wager on whatever you like within the book.

FanDuel Michigan Promo Code – May 2023

You do not need a FanDuel bonus code or promo code; just head over to the FanDuel Michigan home page to get your account set up. After registering, make an initial deposit of at least $10 into your account and then your first wager (must have odds of -200 or higher) will be returned in bonus bets if it doesn’t win.

FanDuel Promo Code Michigan None – Click to claim FanDuel Michigan Bonus
No Sweat First Bet Welcome Bonus Up to $1,000, can’t be combined with casino bonus
Casino Welcome Bonus Up to $2,000 Casino Credit, can’t be combined with sportsbook bonus
Terms & Conditions The sportsbook and casino sign-up bonuses can’t be combined, you must choose one.
Michigan Partner MotorCity Casino Hotel

Regular promotions you can expect from FanDuel

When it comes to regular promotions, FanDuel might be the No. 1 Michigan sportsbook for the amount and quality of offers. FanDuel sportsbook promotions can change from time to time, but we’ve put together a list of a few of the regular promos you are likely to see.

  • No sweat same-game parlays: Same-game parlays are a FanDuel product allowing you to place parlays on one game. For example, you might bet the moneyline, over/under and spread on a Detroit Lions-Chicago Bears game. You also can select prop bets. This is fairly distinct to FanDuel, but the no sweat part is what makes this promo so great. The sportsbook at times will offer a refund of your same-game parlay of three legs or more and $10 or less if it doesn’t hit. FanDuel runs this promo across various sports, so keep an eye out to make sure you take advantage when it does.
  • Multi-sport parlay insurance: This is another great parlay promo. For all your parlays of five legs or more, you’ll receive up to $25 back if you hit all legs except for one. The only catch is that each individual leg needs to have odds that are greater than or equal to -200, so you can’t simply take huge favorites and expect your money back if one is upset.
  • Odds boosts: Odds boosts are fairly common at sportsbooks, and they’re exactly what they sound like. FanDuel will increase the odds on various games, prop bets and parlays every day, allowing you potentially to increase your winnings at the same time. The boosts might inflate a +320 bet to +400, for example, which might not seem like a lot, but would change a $10 bet from a $32 profit to a $40 one.
  • Spread the Love: This promo is more rare, but make sure to jump on it when it comes around. It works like this: FanDuel increases the line on specified games based on how many people bet on it. When it has run this for basketball games, the line has gotten to over 100 points, making it essentially a sure thing. The only catch is you’re limited to a bet of $50, but that still nets you a $45 profit.

FanDuel Sportsbook in Michigan continues to roll out exciting and new promos. We’ll update this review if the welcome offer changes, and once you have signed up you should keep an eye out for new FanDuel Michigan promotions.

One final thing to keep in mind: for most FanDuel promotions, you must opt in to be able to take advantage of them. So always be sure to do that before making wagers that will qualify you for a promotional offer.

Is FanDuel legal in Michigan?

Yes. When Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed a series of bills into law near the end of 2019, it legalized not only sports betting, but daily fantasy sports, online casinos and online poker in the state, as well. FanDuel online sportsbook opened its virtual doors in January of 2021.

According to the law, only casinos that existed at the time are table to obtain sports betting licenses. With that in mind, FanDuel partnered with MotorCity Casino Hotel to run its online and retail sportsbooks.

MotorCity Casino is owned by Marian Ilitch, the owner of the Detroit Tigers and Detroit Red Wings, who co-founded Little Caesars Pizza.

How to create a FanDuel account in Michigan

Creating a FanDuel account is a simple process and should take you no more than a few minutes. You can use this link to visit FanDuel Sportsbook. From there, it’s a matter of entering a few pieces of information. You do not need to use a FanDuel Sportsbook promo code for Michigan.

Here is the information you will need to provide:

  • First and last name
  • Home address
  • Date of birth
  • Last four digits of your Social Security Number

If FanDuel has trouble confirming your identity, you might need to submit a photo of your driver’s license, but even that shouldn’t take more than another minute or two.

And that’s all there is to it. The only thing left to do is make a deposit and then you’ll be ready for your no sweat first bet. Unlike other sportsbooks, no FanDuel promo code is required to maximize your welcome offer.

Downloading the FanDuel Sportsbook app

The FanDuel app is one of the best parts of the Michigan sportsbook. It works great on iPhones and iPads (really any iOS devices), as well as Android devices like Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel phones, and tablets. Being able to have a sportsbook in the palm of your hand means getting to bet on sports anywhere you are in the state as long as you have an internet connection.

To download the app for other Apple or Android devices, simply follow these steps:

  • Visit the FanDuel site using this link to ensure you maximize your bonuses
  • Look for the iOS or Android icon, and follow the instructions
  • If asked where you trust the source of the file you are downloading, select ‘yes’ or ‘ok’
  • Allow the app to download, and you’re done!

Here’s a walkthrough of how the FanDuel sportsbook app works and functions.

When you open up the app, the main page will show you how much money you have in your account at the top. On the right side you’ll see your bet slip with tabs to see what bets are active and which wagers have been settled.

Along the side, you are able to access all the sports FanDuel has to bet on, while in the middle of the screen is a scrolling marquee showing promotions the sportsbook has going. Below that are the most popular games to bet on at the moment, with tabs for live events you can bet on as well as the odds boosts that are currently available.

One of the things we really like about FanDuel’s sportsbook app is that if you’re switching between iOS and Android, the transition is pretty seamless. It looks and functions in almost the exact same way in both, so if you’re using an iPad and a Samsung phone, for example, you don’t have to worry about seeing separate things in each.

All in all, we really don’t have any complaints when it comes to FanDuel’s sportsbook app for Android or iPhone. It’s exactly what you want from a sports betting app: It’s easy to navigate, runs well with hardly any lag time and makes betting simple and easy.

FanDuel sports betting features and benefits

When it comes to all the features and benefits that make doing your sports betting with FanDuel Michigan app worthwhile, let us count ways.

  • No sweat bets: From the time you sign up with FanDuel, the benefits begin. After making your initial deposit, you’ll receive a no sweat bet offer up to $1,000 by following our links. The goal is always to win, but it’s awesome to know that if your first bet loses, your loss will be refunded in the form of bet credits. You do not need a Fanduel promo code in Michigan. Simply use the links on this page, and your account automatically qualifies.
  • Promotions:  We outlined a lot of the top promos up above, so we won’t go back over them all here, but what it means to you is that you can end up getting extra value thanks for FanDuel promotions
  • Customer support: Ideally you’ll never need it, but if you run into a problem at FanDuel, the customer support staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making finding a solution to your issue as easy as possible.
  • Trust: Finally, it’s great doing business with a company you can trust, and FanDuel has proven over the years that it’s a company that is committed to thriving in the sports betting marketplace by focusing on its customers.

Types of bets available on FanDuel Sportsbook App

No matter what sports bets you’re looking to make, FanDuel Sportsbook likely has you covered in MI. We’ve put together a list of the most common sports bets with a brief description of what they are as well as examples of how they work if you’re new to sports betting.

  • Moneyline: Moneyline bets involve picking the team you think will win a game. You can determine which team is favored because it will be listed with a negative number, while underdogs will have positive figures attached to them. If for example the Lions are playing the Packers, and the Lions are favored (hey, we can dream, can’t we?), it might look like this: Lions -270, Packers +220. And here’s what those numbers mean: -270 means you would need to bet $270 on the Lions in order to win $100, while +220 means a $100 wager on the Packers would win you $220.
  • Spread: Here, the team you select will either have to win by at least a set number of points, if favored, or must keep the score within a set number of points or win outright, if the underdog. Let’s stick with the same example from above to make this easier to understand. The Lions might be listed at -6, while the Packers would be +6. That means in order for your bet on Detroit to pay off, the Lions would need to win by more than six points. If you bet on the Packers, they could lose by five points or fewer and you would win. In this example, if the final score was Lions 31, Packers 25 the bet would be a push, and you would get your money back.
  • Over / Unders: The over/under betting strategy is to pick whether the total number of points (or rebounds or yard passing, etc.), will be higher or lower than a set number. For example, the total for points scored in a Pistons-Bulls game might be set at 215.5. That means you’re betting on whether the combined totals for Detroit and Chicago will be under or over that number. If the final score is Pistons 115, Bulls 110, then bets on the over would win. By the way, don’t you like how well our local teams are performing in these examples?
  • Props: Prop bets are bets that don’t relate directly to the final outcome of a game. They can be something somewhat apart from the game itself, like the results of the opening coin flip in an NFL game, or more often something like whether Miguel Cabrera will homer in a game, or whether Matthew Stafford will throw more than 2.5 touchdown passes in a game. Prop betting continues to become bigger and bigger, partly because of the many props that online sportsbooks are able to create for seemingly every game.
  • Parlays: Parlays are single bets in which you select multiple events to take place. To win your parlay, you must get each pick right. Miss any and you lose. For example, let’s say it’s a Sunday in late October, and the Tigers are in the World Series (we told you the Detroit teams can’t lose in these examples), the Lions are playing, and so are the Red Wings and Pistons. Being the Detroit sports fan you are, you create a parlay with all four teams winning. With each additional selection, the odds go up, so you’ll win more if right. So for you to win your bet, the Tigers, Lions, Wings and Pistons would all need to win. If any of them lose, your bet would as well.
  • Futures: Futures bets are long-term bets that oftentimes are made at the beginning of a sports season. The most common futures betting examples are betting on what a team’s win-loss record will be for a season or wagering on which squad will win the championship at season’s end. There also are futures for players that usually have to do with who will win regular and postseason awards, such as Rookie of the Year or MVP.

And that’s our look at all the most common types of bets you’ll encounter at FanDuel online sportsbook in Michigan. We regret to say that the Detroit teams’ success here is not a guarantee of future success, but again, we can dream.

Sports you can bet on at FanDuel in Michigan

FanDuel Michigan sportsbook has all the sports you’ll be looking to bet on and then some.

You don’t have to worry about not being able to bet on any of the major sports leagues because FanDuel Sportsbook in Michigan has them all.

Football remains the top dog when it comes to betting, and at FanDuel you can bet on the NFL and college football. You’ve also got MLB, NBA and NHL action to choose from. The sports don’t stop there; you also can pick from among WNBA, MLS, PGA Tour, UFC and NASCAR events. There’s international soccer as well like the English Premier League and Champions League.

So, as we said at the top, whatever your sport of choice, chances are that FanDuel has you covered.

Michigan sports teams you can bet on

Having sports betting in Michigan means we’re now able to bet on all of the local teams at FanDuel Sportsbook. If you’re not familiar with the top pro and college teams in the state, we’ve put together an overview of the Michigan teams you can bet on.

Starting on the pro side of things, we’ll begin with arguably the most successful team from Michigan, the Detroit Red Wings in the NHL. The Red Wings have won the Stanley Cup 11 times, a record for any US NHL franchise. At FanDuel you can place pregame and live bets on all Red Wings and NHL games.

Moving to the NBA, you have the Detroit Pistons. Unfortunately the Pistons haven’t won a playoff game since 2004, but that doesn’t prevent you from betting on them before and during games at FanDuel Sportsbook.

In the NFL, the Detroit Lions unfortunately are known much more for going 0-16 during the 2008 season than for any successes they’ve had on the field. Despite that fact, they still are our Lions, and you can bet on them during games and before games, and place futures on them as well as all NFL teams using the FanDuel app.

As for Major League Baseball, the final Michigan pro team on our list is the Detroit Tigers. You are able to bet on all 162 Tigers’ regular season games, as well as all MLB games on the FanDuel site or app. As is the case with the other sports, both pregame and live betting are available.

As for the college sports betting market at FanDuel, we’ll kick things off with the pair of local teams in the Big Ten Conference. That would be the Michigan Wolverines and the Michigan State Spartans.

We’re fortunate in Michigan to have two top college programs in both men’s basketball and football. The Spartans and Wolverines are frequent contenders to win the Big Ten title in both sports, as well as being in the national title picture overall. You’re able to bet on both teams at FanDuel Sportsbook in Michigan.

There are three other Division I college programs with football and men’s basketball teams you can wager on at FanDuel, and they all reside in the Mid-American Conference. They are the Western Michigan Broncos, Eastern Michigan Eagles and Central Michigan Chippewas.

Finally, you’ve got two teams in the Horizon League that you’re able to bet on in the Oakland Golden Grizzlies and Detroit Mercy Titans. Neither school has a football team, but both have men’s basketball squads.

FanDuel Michigan futures bets

If you’re new to futures betting, you’re in luck because we’ve compiled a run-through of the teams in Michigan you can place futures wagers on at FanDuel’s retail and online sportsbooks.

  • Detroit Lions: When it comes to the Lions and the rest of the NFL, FanDuel’s futures market allows you to bet on which team will win the Super Bowl as well as which conference will win the big game. You also can bet on the winner of each individual division in both the NFC and AFC. As for individual futures, examples of bets you can make are which player will win the MVP award or which quarterback will have the most passing yards during the regular season.
  • Detroit Pistons: In the NBA, FanDuel Sportsbook’s futures market allows you to select the team you think will win the NBA title as well as which teams will win each division in the league. Player futures are available for regular season and finals MVP awards and for selecting which player will be the No. 1 pick in the NBA draft, for example.
  • Detroit Tigers: As for Major League Baseball, during the regular season you can bet on the Tigers or any other team to win the World Series or their division during the regular season. And when the playoffs start, you’re able to bet on which teams will win each series throughout the postseason. Just like in the other sports, you also can bet on which player will win the NL and AL MVP awards.
  • Detroit Red Wings: FanDuel online sportsbook obviously has futures available for the Red Wings and rest of the NHL. Bet on which hockey squad will win that year’s Stanley Cup and which will win their divisions. You also can bet on which player will win the Hart Memorial Trophy for the regular season MVP and the Conn Smythe Trophy for postseason most valuable player.
  • College football: In NCAA football, FanDuel has a couple of futures markets for you to consider. You can bet on which school will win of any of the Power Five conferences, so that means both Michigan and Michigan State in the Big Ten are options. While the Wolverines and Spartans also can be bet on to win the overall college football national championship.
  • Men’s college basketball: Just like the college football futures market, the men’s college basketball market is fairly small. Your choices are picking which teams will make it to the Final Four or which individual team will win the NCAA basketball tournament at the end of the season. For both, it is likely that Michigan State and Michigan will be the only local options to choose from.

How to deposit and cash out on the FanDuel app

Depositing money and cashing out at FanDuel are easy endeavors.

To put money into your account, you need to start by making at least a $10 deposit. And you can do so using a credit or debit card — both Visa and Mastercard are accepted — a bank transfer, a FanDuel Prepaid Play+ card or PayPal.

As for withdrawing money, you’re able to choose to have your money delivered to your PayPal account, the bank of your choosing or sent to you as a check. If you choose to go the check route, you can expect the request to take about seven to 10 business days.

Since FanDuel also has a retail sportsbook at MotorCity Casino, you also have the option to go there in person to both cash out and deposit money into your FanDuel account.

How to contact FanDuel customer support

You have a few options if you need help from FanDuel’s customer support staff. In no particular order you can:

  • Start a live chat either online or through FanDuel’s app. This feature is available 24/7/365.
  • Submit a ticket, which is the equivalent of sending an email.
  • Go to the retail sportsbook location at MotorCity Casino. Though be warned if you choose to go this route there’s a good chance someone may simply direct you to contact customer service via the two ways mentioned above.

We also recommend perusing FanDuel’s support page to see if your problem has been addressed there with a solution already presented.

Responsible gambling at FanDuel

FanDuel has a responsible gambling page with tools you can use to limit, curtail or cut off your wagering. You’re able to place limits on your account restricting how much money you can deposit, how many contests you can enter, how much money you can wager and even how much time you can spend on the site.

There also are options to give yourself a “timeout” where you will not be able to log into the site until your timeout has expired. You can get alerts sent to you that tell you how much money you’ve spent and how much time you’ve spent on FanDuel, too.

And as a last resort, you can self-exclude from FanDuel Sportsbook entirely to prevent any more gambling.

Where is the FanDuel retail sportsbook?

FanDuel’s retail sportsbook in Michigan is located at MotorCity Casino Hotel, and it opened on March 12, 2020. Legendary Detroit Lions running back Barry Sanders was there for the ribbon cutting and placed the first bet at the sportsbook.

The sportsbook is two stories and has six betting windows, 67 HDTVs, a VIP section and 54 betting kiosks.

  • Address: 2901 Grand River Ave.
  • Location: Detroit
  • Phone:866-752-9622
  • Website:
  • Amenities: 67 large screen TVs; access to casinos and hotel amenities; sports lounge
  • Betting: Cashiers and self-serve kiosks
  • Hours: 9 a.m.-midnight with betting kiosks open 24 hours

Is FanDuel the best sportsbook in Michigan?

If it’s not the best, it definitely is one of the best sportsbooks in Michigan without a doubt. FanDuel has pretty much everything we believe a great sportsbook should have.

There’s a solid offer for signing up and making your first deposit, all the sports and bets you could ask for, great promos all year long and an app and retail location that make betting and watching all the sports you want a breeze.

Going forward, FanDuel Sportsbook needs to make sure it continues to offer the same great level of promotions, while maintaining competitive lines across all the major sports. If it can do that, there’s no reason to think it won’t be thought of as the best sportsbook in Michigan for years to come.

FanDuel Michigan FAQ


There is no FanDuel Michigan promo code involved in getting your welcome bonus. Simply sign up for your FanDuel account and make your first deposit. You will automatically receive the new player offer of a no sweat first bet worth up to $1,000.


Yes. Michigan bettors at least 21 years of age may legally place cash money wagers with FanDuel Sportsbook as long as they’re within state boundaries.

FanDuel is partnered with MotorCity Casino, a commercial property located in Detroit, where it operates a retail sportsbook in addition to an online site. For questions and concerns, email MGCB at [email protected] or call 313-456-4100 between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday.


FanDuel Sportsbook MI requires a minimum deposit amount of $10. Although deposit options that will be offered by Michigan sportsbooks are currently unknown, iGaming sites in most other states offer multiple ACH options such as online bank transfer, Skrill and NETeller, along with a prepaid FanDuel Play+ cards from Discover, MasterCard, Visa and American Express credit and debit cards, PayNearMe, wire transfers and cash at casino cashier’s cage.

While FanDuel will not charge you a fee to make a deposit, your financial institution may, so you will want to check with your bank ahead of time to avoid any unpleasant surprises.


The easiest answer to this question is that FanDuel is legal and regulated in Michigan, and many other US states, whereas Bovada is not. As a US citizen, if there are any issues with an offshore sportsbook, there is no recourse. You will also find it much easier to deposit and cash out at FanDuel than Bovada, since FanDuel accepts PayPal and US credit cards.


Yes. As far as pricing, FanDuel Sportsbook is comparable, if not slightly better, than most other sportsbooks in the Wolverine State. In fact, FanDuel’s pricing is fairly comparable with legal sports betting markets across the US. Most sportsbooks either share the same sports betting provider, such as Kambi, or have the same parent company, such as brands owned by Flutter Entertainment.


Although it is unknown whether third-party banking methods such as PayPal, PayNearMe, FanDuel Play+ card, and the like, will be accepted as withdrawal methods in Michigan, these options are certainly widespread in other legal sports betting markets in the US, and will probably be offered in Michigan at some point in the future. In the meantime, you will be able to use ACH online bank transfers to withdraw your winnings, which will take up to four days to appear in your account.

You will not be able to use credit cards for withdrawals at any time, but you probably will be able to request a check by mail as an alternative method.