US Open Golf Betting Odds 2023

The US Open is known as the greatest test in golf, and that makes betting on the US Open a lot of fun. This year’s event takes place June 15-18 at Los Angeles Country Club.

Below find live US Open odds at Michigan online sportsbooks, the best US Open bets to make, and the best online sportsbooks to legally and safely get in the game in Michigan.

What are the best ways to bet on the US Open?

One of the great aspects of betting on golf is the wide range of available options. Betting on the overall winner is certainly fun and potentially lucrative, but there are also other ways to enjoy one of golf’s signature events while getting some skin in the game.

Let’s begin by taking a look at a bet type that captures attention throughout the season.

US Open futures betting 

The futures market for the US Open Championship stays active nearly year-round. The odds for the winner of the next edition are released soon after the current one finishes. You’ll see odds listed for all of the golfers who are expected to compete.

The list is typically in descending order. That means the big US Open betting favorites on top, longshots all the way at the bottom, and the rest of the field somewhere in the middle. For a futures bet, the idea is to find the selections you like at the best possible prices.

The odds board for US Open futures doesn’t stay still. Once bets come in, there could be fluctuations on golfers who are either seeing lots of action or not attracting much, if any, interest.

Also, keep in mind that US Open golf betting odds will not be the same at every sportsbook. You can shop around to find the best prices, and stay on top of the market throughout the season to do the same.

Some bettors like to get their bets in soon after the odds are released and hold onto their tickets. Other handicappers take a more active approach and constantly monitor the board for movement. There are also plenty of folks who just check in a few weeks in advance of the event to place their bets.

Whatever approach works best for you is fine; just remember that this is a long-term wager. US Open futures bets won’t be settled until the 72-hole tournament is completed.

How to bet on golf

As the US Open approaches, you can place your bet on the outright winner right then and there, as well. You should also take the time to explore the vast menu of offerings at online and mobile sportsbooks. Here are some of the top bet types to consider.

  • Finishing position: This is a bet on a golfer to finish in a specific range, such as top five or top 10.
  • Each way: This wager covers a golfer to either win outright or be among the top finishers, such as in the top three.
  • Golfer vs. field: For some of the bigger favorites, you can wager on them to win outright or take the entire field over them.
  • Head-to-head: This is a bet on a matchup of two golfers as paired up by the sportsbook. Your goal is to pick the better performer.
  • 2-balls or 3-balls: This will be a group of two or three golfers with the same concept: namely, picking the one who will score the best.
  • Group betting: The group bet is typically offered on four golfers, but it could be more. Once again, the idea is to pick the best one.
  • Round leaders: You can zero in on the individual rounds and choose the golfer you think will score the best in each.

You’ll also have two other major bet types to consider as the tournament plays out.

Prop betting

Just like with other sports, there are side bets offered on things that might come up during the course of play. Some of these proposition bets will focus on the performance of a specific golfer, while others will be based on the tournament as a whole.

  • Nationality of the winning golfer
  • Will Dustin Johnson make the cut — yes or no?
  • Which golfer will card the most birdies in round one?

Live betting

The innovation known as live betting has taken sports wagering to a whole new level. These are bets you can place in real-time as the action unfolds. The market moves fast, but it can really enhance the viewing experience.

  • What will Phil Mickelson card on the third hole — eagle/birdie/par/bogey/double bogey or worse?
  • Who will have the longer tee shot on No. 5 — Jon Rahm or Brooks Koepka?
  • Next drive for Bryson DeChambeau — over/under 309.5 yards?

Golf betting strategy

Handicapping a golf tournament is similar to breaking down other sports. For example, you’ll want to have a good handle on the odds board and the recent form for all the golfers in the field. However, you always have to get more specific for the sport at hand.

For golf, that means examining things such as performance metrics and tournament details. Here are some other golf betting tips you can keep in mind as you handicap the US Open.

  • Course and event history: This should be part of your regular golf handicapping routine, but it’s really a critical step for this event. Some golfers are up to the task of competing at the US Open and other majors, while others just aren’t. Also, take a deep dive and see how the golfers you are interested in have fared at this year’s course in the past. Torrey Pines, in particular, is also host to a regular PGA Tour event each January, so you have more results at your disposal than usual.
  • Study prop offerings for performance clues: The prop market can actually be a handy research tool. As you scroll through the offerings, make note of the golfers with lots of props attached and any notable performance metrics. Those who have a high bar set by the oddsmakers could be ones to watch over the four-day event.
  • Get a read on public sentiment and smart money: If you keep an eye on the movements in the futures market, you can get a good handle on where the public money is flowing. This observation is especially true for potential dark-horse contenders. On the smart money, look for big shifts in the odds for certain golfers, which could be a sign of major bets coming in.

Where can I watch the US Open live stream?

The TV home for US Open golf is NBC. You’ll be able to catch a good deal of the action on the main network, while Golf Channel and Peacock will also have early-round and off-hours coverage.

NBC and Golf Channel are available for streaming on the web or via app with a number of cord-cutting and cable packages. Please note, however, that you will need valid login credentials from your provider.

Peacock is a newer streaming option you have to sign up for individually. There are fee and subscription models, but be sure to check the specifics when it comes to streaming live sports.

Certain sportsbooks provide coverage of golf on a hole-by-hole basis, but that also depends on the tournament at hand. For the US Open, check with the books you’re playing on, as they won’t be shy about letting you know about any live coverage options.

At a minimum, those looking to bet live on the event will be able to get a detailed glimpse of what’s going on, but that won’t necessarily include live visual coverage of the golfers on the course.

US Open Betting FAQ


In years past, the odds from Las Vegas were what moved the needle for betting on the US Open and other sporting events. Although the Vegas odds still hold weight and are certainly worth checking out, the reality is that you’ll find comparable odds at leading operators across the nation, including in Michigan. You can always see what the folks out in Sin City have to say, but the lines will be in range here at home.


The main broadcast network for the US Open is NBC. Golf Channel and Peacock will be providing complementary coverage, as well. You can find NBC and Golf Channel on cable and cord-cutting packages, and you’ll be able to log in and watch online or via mobile with valid provider credentials. Peacock is a separate streaming service that requires registration.


The US Open cut rule calls for the top 60 and ties to move on to play after Round 2 is in the books. At other tournaments, the number of golfers who advance can be greater, so this is considered to be pretty strict on the pro golf circuit. As for where the cut line will be, that depends on how things shake out over the course of the first two days of the event.


Any golfer who has won the event in the past 10 years is exempt from qualifying, and there have been a number of exemptions granted through the years for those who have won multiple US Open tournaments. The event is open to both pro and amateur players, but there are strict rules in place for who makes the cut. A win in certain tournaments will guarantee a bid as well, and roughly half of the field falls into one of the several exemption categories.