Dearborn Heights $1 Million Powerball Winner Exuberant About Prize

Written By Derek Helling on April 7, 2021
Dearborn Heights Lottery Winner Michigan Powerball 2021

Although non-jackpot lottery winnings don’t feature the most eye-popping headlines, they can still be exciting. A recent Dearborn Heights Powerball winner shared his enthusiasm about claiming a million-dollar prize he won with a single ticket.

The celebration started when he first learned he had defied the odds. Now, his entire family will share in the spoils.

Who is this Dearborn Heights Powerball winner?

Boris Cvetkovski, 78, bought a $2 Powerball ticket at the Food Max store on Cherry Hill Rd. in Inkster. After returning to his Dearborn Heights home to watch the Jan. 13 drawing, he confirmed that the five white balls matched the numbers on his ticket.

“When my wife and I checked my ticket, we went crazy,” Cvetkovski said in a news release. “We can’t wait to share the good fortune with our family.”

Cvetkovski recently claimed his prize at one of the Michigan Lottery‘s claim centers. The same press release does not denote whether he took the annuity option or a lump sum. Either way, his win is certainly remarkable.

The pool of numbers for the white balls is from 1 to 69 in Powerball. Those numbers for Jan. 13 were 4-19-23-25-49. A player who matches all five wins a million dollars. The odds of matching all five are 1 in 11,688,053.52.

Cvetkovski’s win could have been larger, however. For an extra dollar, he could have added the Power Play to his ticket. That would have multiplied his winnings by two, as 2X was the Power Play in the Jan. 13 drawing. Still, Cvetkovski and his family are probably not complaining.

The best course of action for winners

With major lottery prizes like this, a prudent plan is to hire an accountant, attorney and financial advisor. That way, the money can grow over time instead of depleting. These professionals can also advise on how best to limit tax liabilities around the money.

Hopefully, the Cvetkovski family will enjoy its good fortune for years to come. Powerball drawings take place every Wednesday and Saturday, so perhaps another Michigander will replicate this unlikely win soon.

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