Detroit Lions’ Scary 0-17 Odds Shortening As Bye-Week Blues Begin

Written By Julie Walker on November 2, 2021
Detroit Lions 0-17 NFL Odds November 2021

It’s beginning to look a lot like winless for the Detroit Lions, and those 0-17 possibilities keep on growing.

At least, it’s a much more realistic prospect for the Lions after the visiting, not-good Philadelphia Eagles rained down a 44-6 pasting at Ford Field on Halloween.

The brutal loss brought the home team’s record to 0-8, and many Michigan sportsbooks, who were already on the scent of a winless season, now have that dismal possibility locked in for betting action.

Mad about the season? Do you, too, own the classic Lions “not a costume” brown paper bag uniform seen around the Internet on Sunday? We feel you.

Read on for the best places to put your money where your tears are as we head into the holiday season.

… So you’re telling me there’s a chance?

Some things will always be true: There is no “south Detroit,” and no proper Honolulu-Blue-Kool-Aid-drinking fan wants to stop believin’.

Could the Lions actually lose the next nine games?

Some oddsmakers think it could happen, but it’s certainly not a sure thing.

As of Tuesday morning, bettors at FanDuel Sportsbook, DraftKings Sportsbook and Caesars Sportsbook can still wager on the Lions winning over or under 1.5 games, with the over still a favorite.

The best rates by a smidge were at FanDuel, where the offered payout is -140 for over 1.5 wins and +120 for under.

DraftKings offerings ranged from -125 to +105, and Caesars gave -130 for the over and +110 for the under.

The 0-17 possibilities for the Detroit Lions are historic

People still suffering flashbacks to Rod Marinelli’s 0-16 Lions of 2008 may just want to go all-in on a winless season now.

After all, thanks to the NFL adding an extra game, 0-17 would be a historic first. Now that we’re in the gratitude season, does making history count as something to feel … well, thankful for?

Yeah, OK, probably not. But either way, Michigan sportsbooks are here for it. At least five have now added a tab where bettors can say yes to the 0-17 Lions mess.

FanDuel and BetMGM offered +500 odds for those who pick the Lions to lose them all. DraftKings offered +450 for the seers of total loss. PointsBet Sportsbook and Caesars gave +425.

Some of these offers are tucked away and can be found by searching under the “futures” or “season specials” tabs under the NFL betting category.

Detroit doesn’t have the only bad NFL team!

Let’s keep the bleepings, er, blessings rolling, shall we? FanDuel has offered a category where the Detroit Lions are a favorite!

OK, it’s for worst regular-season record, but … you know, gratitude season.

Joining our feline pals in the FanDuel-hosted basement are:

  • Detroit Lions -130
  • Houston Texans +200
  • Jacksonville Jaguars +900
  • Miami Dolphins +2000
  • New York Jets +4000
  • New York Giants +5000
  • Washington Football Team +10000

Will one of these meetings come up “W” for Detroit?

Looking over the final nine games for Detroit, who will be coming off a bye week, there seem to be at least a few possibilities for coach Dan Campbell and his Lions crew to drum up a victory and avoid that 0-17 mark.

The local oddsmakers see three games that could be the best shots at wins for the Leos, including the Week 10 matchup in Pittsburgh. (Perhaps it’s the aging quarterback?)

The Lions were getting 7.5 points in the summer against the Steelers.

Another possible win could come against the Chicago Bears, because they’re just bad (+3.5 summer).

The last best chance according to the sportsbooks is against the Cleveland Browns in Week 11 (+10 summer), but Cleveland, also sufferers of a winless season in franchise history, will likely battle hard to avoid succumbing to their underwhelming neighbors in the north.

Who might the Lions beat first? Here are the odds from three local sportsbooks:

DraftKings Lions Odds

  • Week 10 at Steelers, +300
  • Week 11 at Browns, +600
  • Week 12 vs. Bears (Thanksgiving), +200
  • Week 13 vs. Vikings, +1200
  • Week 14 at Broncos, +2500
  • Week 15 vs. Cardinals, +3500
  • Week 16 at Falcons, +2800
  • Week 17 at Seahawks, +5000
  • Week 18 vs. Packers, +1800

BetMGM Lions Odds

  • Week 10 at Steelers, +260
  • Week 11 at Browns, +600
  • Week 12 vs. Bears (Thanksgiving), +200
  • Week 13 vs. Vikings, +1000
  • Week 14 at Broncos, +2500
  • Week 15 vs. Cardinals, +3000
  • Week 16 at Falcons, + 2000
  • Week 17 at Seahawks, +4000
  • Week 18 vs. Packers, +2500

FanDuel Lions Odds

  • Week 10 Pittsburgh Steelers, +310
  • Week 11 Cleveland Browns, +700
  • Week 12 Chicago Bears (Thanksgiving), +200
  • Week 13 Minnesota Vikings, +1000
  • Week 14 at Denver Broncos, +2100
  • Week 15 vs. Arizona Cardinals, +3000
  • Week 16 Atlanta Falcons, +1300
  • Week 17 Seattle Seahawks, +4000
  • Week 18 Green Bay Packers, +3000

Don’t like the basement? There’s always a bandwagon

Had enough already? Perhaps it’s time to go the NFL sorting hat and find a new team to love. Maybe you miss someone now living large in Los Angeles?

Former Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford is soaring with his new team. The Rams are in the top three picks for a Super Bowl win across the board, along with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Buffalo Bills. At least half of Lions fans probably still root for No. 12 in the Sunshine State, so it’s an easy transition if one must hop teams.

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